Chinese Bazi - Symbolic Stars - Shen Sha
Chinese Bazi - Symbolic Stars - Shen Sha

Also Known as Nobleman, Heavenly Noble.

It is considered one of the most favorite in feng shui and bazi.

Whenever the Nobleman luck appears, it signifies a more auspicious time in one’s life. It means getting help in overcoming any difficulties, and troubles, it makes life easier and also promotes money flow.

For instance, helpful people are especially willing to helping you achieve whatever you want in life. Nobleman can also show beneficial and advantageous opportunities that you may not have been met with before.

It gives wisdom and intelligence, high social status and professional promotion, considered as star of brilliance, fame and popularity.

The star turns evil into good, transforms the unfavorable aspects of the pillar.

Interactions (conflict, punishment, harm) and controlling cycle weaken the effects of the star.

Remember that a nobleman is not necessary favorable especially to that with weak self-element-but not all of course-i.e. if your day master is weak water and a nobleman star is of fire or wood structure, it weakens you more, In this case, one needs to get strong day master to reap the awards that nobleman could bring.

This star is derived from Day Stem -Day Master.