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Introducing Bazi

Introducing Bazi

  • The 12-Signs Chinese Constellations are part of a system called the Bazi.

  • The system is based on 4 Pillars / 8 Characters.

  • Each column/Pillar represents the hour, day, month, and year, respectively.

  • The original term to describe one of the two systems of the Chinese zodiac, YIN & YANG.

  • The Yin System is based on the Lunar Calendar.

  • The Yang system is based on the Solar Calendar 24 season which is the BAZI.

  • It is by far the most advanced and logical ancient Chinese art of Horoscope Reading.

  • It is based on the interactions of the five basic elements which are metal, wood, water, fire and earth and their relationship to time, seasons, directions and colors; this allows you to gain insight into your life, your strengths, weaknesses, and potentials.

  • It helps you to Investigate your Destiny and predict with amazing accuracy your Lucky Cycles.

You can plot your personal Bazi birth chart by going to the following link: Chinese Bazi

Bazi Chart Sample

This is a sample chart from our site. Notice there is a top row, and a bottom row, that constitutes into 2 rows and 4 columns, This gives us a total of 8 squares of information (the bottom third row is not taken into account here), which is why Ba Zi known as Ba (Eight) Zi (Characters).

The Top Row characters represents the Heavenly Stems (elements which are 5 as will be explained below in detail), while the bottom Row characters represents the Earthly Branches. The Earthly Branches are the animal signs known in Chinese astrology as (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig).

The Day Master however is the Heavenly Stem of your Day Pillar. The Four pillars are arranged by Hour, Day, Month, Year. The Day Pillar is the top character in day pillar which is yang Water (Water +) here in our example.

The Day Master represents the person himself. In Bazi theory this is actually the character that represents us, not our Animal Year (or Earthly branch of Year pillar), and there are 10 types of Day Masters. The 5 Elements: Fire, Wood, Water, Metal. Earth each with Yin and Yang, polarity.

Five Elements Interactions

Five elements

To know the interactions of the 5 elements, we should draw a clockwise circle through the colors (Red is Fire, Yellow-Earth, Grey-Metal, Blue-Water, Green-Wood) to understand how the Elements Produce or transform into one another.

The mostly used convention is that Water grows Wood, Wood is used to create Fire, Fire turns to Ash (Earth), Earth contains Metal, and Metal melts to produce Water.

The star in the middle shows how the elements ‘control’ or Influence each other.i.e. Water Extinguishes Fire, Fire Melts Metal, Metal Chops Wood, Wood breaks through Earth, Earth Dams Water.

You should always keep this concept in mind, when reading your Bazi chart comes down to understanding how the other elements relate to YOU-your Day Master. So for Instance, or Geng (Yang Water) chart has an Influencing effect on Fire Element, and is Influenced by Earth. Metal is what Generates this sample person’s energy, and is this your resource element.

Day master Types

In this table we can see the different day master types, they are 10 types, each day master element has two polarities yang and yin.,i.e. wood with positive and negative polarity, Earth also,…..

As for our example the day master water has earth as "Influence element", and the element that controls water is fire called “Wealth Element.” The Element that is similar in type is called the “Companion Element”, and the Element which it produces is called “Output Element.” while the Element which Generates water is Metal and known as “Resource Element.”

Same methodology applies to rest day masters according to the table above.

How much scores do you have of these elements in your chart, and their types, i.e. their relation to your day master, this gives insight to your personality, inclinations ,trends, and also how other people with different chart structures impact your life.