Chinese Bazi - Symbolic Stars - Shen Sha
Chinese Bazi - Symbolic Stars - Shen Sha
General Star

Also known as: General Star, General, Gold Safe.

People who have the General Star will be good students and/or military figures, It also denotes an ambitious person with authority, power, leadership, and influence.

Not only can they achieve high power and social status, but wealth and financial benefits as well.

If the General Star is in a position of Direct Officer, the person is likely to possess power in his/her life.

If the General Star also happens to be, a Seven Killing or Sword Star this person may possess the power of life and death.

If the General Star is in a death position at the time of life, then the power of the star is inactive.

If the General Star meets an unfavorable star, it will increase the inauspicious aspect of life and may cause financial loss, accidents and injuries.

If the General Star is the Robbing Money Star, and if the Robbing Money Star is unfavorable to the person, then the negative impact from the General Star can be very strong; enough to the degree to make the person bankrupt.

If the star is favorable, aspects of the star are strengthened, and you will shine and stand out in any situation; but if it’s unfavorable, it will bring trouble, harm and obstruction within life.

This star is derived from Day/Year Branch.