Chinese Bazi - Symbolic Stars - Shen Sha
Chinese Bazi - Symbolic Stars - Shen Sha
Arts Star

Also known as Elegant Seal, Star of Arts, Imperial Canopy

The Art Star not only symbolizes a person creative brilliance and talent above average, but also denotes an individual who is independent, solitary, or even lonesome.

Basically, someone who either prefers to be alone, or feels happy to be alone.

It also benefits spiritual development and is often considered a blessing cause it also serves person tendency to metaphysics, religion, knowledgeable, thus producing a psychic nature.

Astonishingly, People with this star seam disinterested, or simply too cool to be bothered by everything around him/her.

However , its meaning differs according to the ruling pillar it falls ,e.g. if Resource or Officer stars is in the same Pillar this will indicates a person who is highly admired in society and gives developments in official fields.

If it falls into empty placements, it will serve religious life or a solitary achievements.

If it falls into death placements, Clash or Control, Sickness and Disaster stars, it will be difficult to raise children.

In such case as the latter, these people will encounter some difficulties in their life path.

This star is derived from Day and sometimes year Branch.